Microstructure and Performance of a High Manganese Steel Matrix Composite Reinforced by (Fe,Cr)7C3 Particle Beams

Honghua Yan, Baoke Guo


A high manganese steel matrix composite with reinforced (Fe, Cr)7C3 particle beam was fabricated via melt compositing and in-situ formation method. The microstructure of the composite was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The reinforced phase of the composite mainly include column and fine short rod or globular carbide (Fe, Cr)7C3, and the former is primary. To investigate the wear resistant properties of the composite, wear tests at different loadings (5N, 10N, 15N and 20N) were carried on the wear machine. For comparison, the wear tests of a high manganese steel were also conducted with the same conditions. The results show that the abrasive wear resistance is strengthened significantly due to the formation of (Fe, Cr)7C3 particle beam, which were created through the chemical reaction of alloy powders. According to the impact fracture experiments of the composite, it is found that the fracture of particle beams in the composite belongs to a brittle fracture.


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