Analysis of Air Current Flow around Noise Barrier on Expressways Using the PIV Technique

Jang-Youl You, Hyeon-Ku Park, Young-Moon Kim


Urbanization has resulted in the extension of road networks and development of belt ways due to the expansion of cities and overpopulation. With the expansion of cities, resident population started to live nearby roads and is experiencing issues like spreading of air pollutants and noises generated on roads. In general, such issues are prevented by installing noise barrier and windproof walls on roadsides, which have great impact on reduction of noises and air pollutants. Previous studies about the effects of noise barrier and windproof walls on movement of pollutants were mostly conducted as partial field experiments and numerical experiments using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Therefore, there is lack of studies on movement of wind and its effects. The purpose of this study is to examine form of actual wind based on noise barrier and the effects of wind on residents through particle image velocimetry (PIV).


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