Experiments on Burn Pattern Characteristics of Polyamide and Ethylene/vinyl Acetate Floorings Ignited by Industrial Alcohol

Jing Jin, Jun Wang


Industrial alcohol, as one of the flammable liquids, is used commonly in arson. Due to its typical fluidity and particular volatility, particular burn patterns can be formed in fire scene. In order to provide references for fire investigators to collect trace evidences and identify fire cause accurately, the burn patterns on different flooring materials are investigated in this paper. Two common flooring materials, Polyamide and Ethylene/vinyl acetate floorings, were selected in the experiments to study the burn pattern characteristics by simulating the fire scene. By comparing the difference of the burning pattern with and without alcohol, rules of pattern characteristics on different material surface have been summarized. Meanwhile, fire extinguishing style was considered in this work. The results show that the burn pattern characteristics become remarkably different when the flooring materials loaded by alcohol. In addition, fire extinguishing style has a great impact on the burn patterns, such as the carbonized degree, the residual shape and the fire traces. It is believed that the results of this paper would provide guidance for investigation on arson which applied alcohol as the combustion improver.


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