Ceramic Membrane Immobilized Chiral Di-chloromethyl Salen-Co Catalyst and Its Use in HKR of Racemic Epichlorohydrin

Min Liu, Zhi-Ping Zhao, Ming Wang, Peng-Peng Zhu


A new chiral catalyst, (R,R)-N,N-bis-(3-tert-butyl-5- chloromethylsalicylaldehyde)-1,2- cyclohexanediamine cobalt(III) acetic acid monohydrate (di-CH2Cl-salen-Co), was synthesized and utilized in racemic epichlorohydrin hydrolytic kinetic resolution (REHKR) reaction. Then a catalytic membrane reactor was constructed by immobilizing the catalyst onto ceramic membrane through chemical bonding, and its reactivity was tested in REHKR reaction. In compared with membrane catalyst in small segments, the reactor can reinforce the mass transfer of the reaction system. Furthermore the immobilized catalysts were chemically stable and could be reused directly more than three times without any separation stage.


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