Hot Compressive Behavior and Constitutive Equation of TC4-DT Alloy

Li-wei Zhu, Xin-Nan Wang, Jing Li, Zhi-Shou Zhu


The effect of processing parameters on the hot deformation behavior of the α+β titanium alloy TC4-DT has been investigated by hot compressive testing on the Gleeble-1500 thermal simulation test machine in the temperature range of 908℃~1038℃, and at constant strain rate from 0.01s-1 to 10s-1. The results indicate that the hot deformation behavior of TC4-DT alloy is highly sensitive to the deformation temperature and strain rate. The flow behavior of the sample hot-deformaed exhibits a peak stress followed by continuous flow softening in the α+β region, whereas in the β region, the true stress attains a steady state. The peak flow stress decreases with increasing the deformation temperature and decreasing the strain rate. According to the arrhenius eqations, the constitutive equation of TC4-DT alloy is established, and the deformation activation energy are estimated to be about 694.508 KJ/mol in the α+β region and 252.496 KJ/mol in the β region, respectively.


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