Shock Analysis of Cylindrical Shell with Different Buckling Angle

Yuchao Song


Aiming at the shock response characteristics of cylindrical shell, the different cases of cylindrical shell are analyzed through FEM, and the cases are determined according to the circular angle. The shock response results show that with the same dimension of shell, the acceleration of analysis point of plane case is the largest 6.47 m/s2, and the smallest one is the 900 case with 1.40 m/s2, which is decreased by 78.36%. Among the analysis cases, the acceleration of plane case is higher than the curved shell cases. When the curve is the whole round, the acceleration is larger than other curve cases. And there are symmetry displacement cloud in every case, but the velocity-displacement curves show that, the in-plane case is like a silkworn cocoon, and is different from others with a central hole.


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