On the Oxidation Resistance of the Compound Fe-based Protective Coating by Supersonic Arc Spraying at 1123K

Tianquan Liang, Yujie Li, Run Ao, Xiuhai Zhang, Jianmin Zeng


The surface morphologies, chemical composition and the oxidation resistance of the compound Fe-based protective coating by supersonic arc spraying were investigated by SEM, EDS and cyclic oxidation weighing in the paper. The results show that the TiAlC coating is of the best oxidation resistance with mass gain of only 2.6621 mg/cm2 after exposed for 100h at 1123K, while the LX88A coating is the worst anti-oxidation property with 76.6465 mg/cm2. The HCrA-TiAlC, TiAlC-LX88A and TiAlC coatings show the similar performance. It is smooth and with some unmelted carbides particles on the surface of the coatings with many holes. The Fe-based coatings are mainly composed of Fe element with amount more than 50 wt.%, and the HCrA, TiAlC and their composite coatings are with about 20wt.%Cr. More than 8 wt.%Al can be detected in the TiAlC coating. More amounts of Al and Cr are contributing to improving the oxidation resistance. The thermodynamics of the preferential oxidation of the elements is discussed.


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