Design and Construction without Deformation Joint of a 15,000 Square Meters Huge Concrete Non-beam Floor-slab Structure

Xian-hong XU


Combined with an engineering practice, this article analyzes the selection of concrete floor structural scheme, through qualitative or quantitative analysis and comparison among composite structure, non-beam structure and grid-beam structure in three aspects including schedule, cost and operating requirements. It introduces the no deformation joint design of the practice, which is a huge concrete non-beam floor structure of 15,000 square meters, by comprehensively applying post-pouring band, expansion reinforcing band, shrinkage-compensating concrete and non-bonding pre-stressed. According to the practice, the paper also summarizes the construction key-points in some aspects covering construction organization, concrete mixproportion, construction process, shrinkage-compensating concrete and un-bonded pre-stressed works.


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