Polyvinyl Alcohol Yarn Prepared into a Biodegradable Vascular Stent: Effects of Plied Number, Twist Factor on Yarn Structure and Mechanical Properties

Jia-Horng Lin, Mei-Chen Lin, Ting-Ting Li, Jan-Yi Lin, Shih-Peng Wen, Ching-Wen Lou


This study purposes to discuss effects of plied number and twist factor on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) yarn and fabricate a degradable PVA vascular stent by the braiding process. PVA yarn was evaluated by stereoscopic microscope, tensile tenacity, tensile elongation, twist angle, force and elongation efficiency. Research result shows that yarn after plying and twisting effectively improves the mechanical strength by stereoscopic microscopic observation. After PVA yarn was made into stent by braiding technique, stent presents the network and tubular structure. This study verifies that the mechanical property of PVA yarn can be improved via plying and twisting process, and PVA yarn can be successfully made into vascular stent.


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