Alcohol Modifiers and Mechanism of Animal Glue Binder

Yuyan Ren, Yingmin Li, Hao Sun


Animal glue exhibits excellent properties that are non-toxic and unharmful, easy to collapse and degrade, but the compression strength of sand mold is low, easy to coacervate at room temperature, in order to solve the problem, which needs to be modified. Animal glue can be modified to the binder in the foundry by esterification crosslinking and grafting copolymerization. Coacervation of animal glue is modified by esterification crosslinking of alcohol modifiers and its result structure is characterized by FT-IR in this paper, in which its mechanism is analyzed. The experimental results show that Gel state of animal glue is made better in which improved sand compressive strength obviously. The initial compressive strength could be achieved 0.42 MPa and the final strength reached 3.30 MPa. Its mechanism is an esterification reaction, which happens between the carboxyl (-COOH) of animal glue and the Hydroxyl (-OH) of alcohol modifiers mainly, which improves adhesion; In addition, the strength of binder and bonding mechanism is analyzed by fracture methods of molding sand.


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