Tribological Behaviors of n-Na2B4O7/ion Nitrocarburized Duplex Layer at Different Loads

Chunyang Liu, Chunhua Hu, Ping Wang, Quan Sun


The paper studied the tribological behaviors of n-Na2B4O7/ion nitrocarburized duplex layer at different loads. It is found that at 25 N, 50 N, 100 N, respectively, the friction factor and volume loss of the duplex layer is 54%, 58%, 50% and 86%, 92%, 95% less than that of the intermediate frequency quenched surface, respectively, which shows that the n-Na2B4O7/ion nitrocarburized duplex layer possess more excellent tribological performances than the intermediate frequency quenched surface under CD15W-40 oil lubricating at different loads. This because that the solid lubrication films including oxide, BN and so on are formed on the friction surface, and the n-Na2B4O7 particles on the friction surface play the "Micron nano bearing" function, which can translate the sliding friction into the rolling friction.


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