Highly Resilient Polyester/Low Melting Point Polyester Protective Nonwoven Fabrics: Manufacturing Techniques and Mechanical Properties

Ching-Wen Lou, Chien-Teng Hsieh, Sin-Wei Lin, Yi-Jun Pan, Shih-Yu Huang, Jia-Horng Lin


Highly resilient polyester (HRPET) fibers and low-melting-point polyester (LPET) fibers are made to form into protective nonwoven fabrics. The influences of different parameters on the mechanical properties of the nonwoven fabrics are evaluated in terms of falling weight tests, bursting strength testing, tear tests, and tensile tests. The test results indicate that the maximum strengths occurs with an optimal HRPET/LPET blending ratio of 8:2: tensile strength (602 N), bursting strength (477 N), and resiliency (40 cm).


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