Influence of Using Recycled Ceramic Aggregate and Ultra-fine Sand in Combination on Compressive Strength of Concrete

Junhua Liu, Chaofeng Wang


Recycled ceramic mixed sand (RCMS) was obtained through mixing recycled ceramic coarse sand (RCCS) and ultra-fine sand. Recycled ceramic mixed aggregate concrete (RCMC) was made by using RCMS as fine aggregate, partial substituting recycled ceramic coarse aggregate for crushed stone as coarse aggregate, respectively. Effect of the percentage of RCCS in RCMS was investigated. Experimental results indicate that the optimal percentage of RCCS in RCMS was between 50% and 60%, which could increase the compressive strength of RCMC by 8.19% to 8.44% than that of reference concrete. Moreover, an adjustment coefficient of RCMS which could reflect the effect of the percentage of RCCS on compressive strength of RCMC was proposed. By using regression analysis, the regression equation was obtained between a adjustment coefficient of RCMS and the percentage of RCCS, which could provide reference for choosing reasonable RCCS content and estimating the strength of RCMC. The consumption of recycled ceramic aggregate could reach 30.37% to 33.84% of total weight of aggregate in producing concrete, and this method of recycling waste ceramic is energy-saving and environment friendly.


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