Optical Aspheric Lens Design and Lens Mould Processing Method

Yongjian Zhu, Jianping Zhong, Guangwen Qi, Kun Tang


Aspheric lens is widely used in many fields of industry. Aspheric lens can be fabricated by lens molding method such as plastic injection molding and hotcompression molding depending on the type of material. At first, an aspheric lens should be designed, and then the lens moulds be formed. Here a car camera aspheric lens is proposed to assist the design of lens mould. The aspheric lens has two sides with one spheric and another aspheric surface. According to the aspheric parameters, a corresponding lens mould is processed and compensated by a singlepoint diamond turning tool. The processed results are compared to the designed aspheric coefficients. The processed aspheric shape can be limited to 100nm in peak-valley and 15nm in roughness.


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