Large Storage Window in a-SiNx/nc-Si/a-SiNx Sandwiched Structure

Xiang Wang, Chao Song


The a-SiNx/nc-Si/a-SiNx sandwiched structures have been fabricated by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) technique at low temperature (250℃). Si nanocrystal (nc-Si) layer is fabricated from a hydrogen-diluted silane gas mixture with a layer-by-layer technique in a PECVD reactor. Atom force microscopy measurement shows that the density of nc-Si is about 2×1011cm-2. The charging and discharging of nc-Si quantum dots is studied by capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurement at room temperature. An ultralarge hysteresis which is attributed to injecting the electrons and holes into the nc-Si dots is observed in the C-V characteristic. The largest shift of the flatband voltage (ΔVFB) of the sample is above 8 V. The number of electron stored in each nc-Si quantum dot estimated from the ΔVFB is close to 8. A model is put forward to interpret the ultralarge hysteresis phenomena and mechanism of the charge storage in detail.


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