Research on the Influence of Underlying Surface Reflectivity on the Thermal Environment of Campus

Hao Zhang, Jupeng Yao, Tiantian Xu, Yuxiang Wang, Shun Li, Yuancheng Wang


With the acceleration of urbanization, the scale of cities is expanding unceasingly. As a matter of fact, significant changes have happened in urban ground cover materials, leading to changes in the storage, radiation and transfer of air heat, as well as the energy balance, which correspondingly enforced the heat island effect. In the paper, by the method of numerical simulation, we conducted a research to study the influence caused by reflectivity of ground cover materials on the thermal environment at a Jinan campus. The results showed that increases in the reflectivity had little effect on the wind velocity near the surface, but made the air temperatures near the surface drop. Meanwhile, increasing the ground reflectivity raises the mean temperatures of air radiant in the area far off over the ground.


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