Treatment of the Iron Surface and its Corrosion Resistance

Hongxin Shi, Zhijie Zhou, Haimin Shen, Hongke Wu


Preparation and corrosion resistance of iron plate with micro-nano-structure were investigated. A clean iron plate was etched with a mixture of FeCl3, H2O, hydrochloric acid, H2O2 and H3PO4 to form a super hydrophilic surface which was treated with fatty acid solution to form a micro-nano-structure surface on which the water contact angle was about 147°. The super hydrophilic surface was treated with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane solution and then fatty acid solution (test plate) to turn to a super hydrophobic surface and the water contact angle was greater than 150°. This test plate coated with alkyd vamish exhibited better corrosion resistance to H2SO4 than blank iron plate.


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