Performance Evaluation of Far-Infrared Composite Wires Applied on Woven Fabrics by Wire-Coating Processing

Jia-Horng Lin, Jan-Yi Lin, Ting-Ting Li, Zheng-Ian Lin, Mei-Chen Lin, Ching-Wen Lou


This study prepared a far-infrared composite wire using a new preparation technology. The stainless steel fiber/polyester fiber double-layer wrapped yarn was used as core material, and then polypropylene masterbatch which has far-infrared powder was coated on the core material forming far-infrared composite wire. The properties of far-infrared composite wire were evaluated by tensile test and surface observation. Composite wires were woven into woven fabrics. And the air permeability and far-infrared emissivity of composite fabrics were also evaluated. Result shows that, the coating technique reinforces the strength of composite wire insignificantly, but it gives the fabric with far-infrared function.


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