Dynamic Reconfiguration of EPCM Network Based on Minimum Connected Dominated Set

Min Zhao, Chenying Jia, Hongli Luo, Ning Chen


Due to the inherent complexity of electric power systems, power plants and electrical equipment require more and more complex electric power management strategy to ensure adequate system performance and reliability. But traditional Electric Power Communication Management Network (EPCM Network) uses static, fixed network management model, resulting in a number of difficulties in practice. For example, bandwidth, distance, network security and scalability are key issues. The paper uses minimum connected dominated set to extract out key node from EPCM Network, dynamic forming "backbone network", then according to specific network structure of EPCM Network, optimal routing in EPCM Network is adjusted and deployed by shortest path algorithm. When it comes to irresistible natural disasters, "backbone network" can be reconstructed to achieve efficient and reliable management.


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