Mechanical Properties of Functional Inflame-Retarding/Sound-Absorbing Inter-Laminar Reinforced Flexible Composites

Chen-Hung Huang, Ting-Ting Li, Wen-Yu Fu, Wen-Hao Hsing, Ching-Wen Lou, Jia-Horng Lin


With the rapid growth of various economic, peoples have proposed higher demand for living quality. Of the common pollution in daily life, noise pollution makes people tired, and thus commonly affects spirit concentration and working efficiency. Sound absorbing decoration scarcely has flame retarding. As the increasing demand for safety, ignition, flame spread rate and combustion visibility and smog toxicity correlate with the escape chance for people. This study prepares nonwoven using low-melting PET fibers and inflame-retarding PET fibers, and then thermally bonded it after inter-lamination, anticipating to with inflame-retarding via inflame-retarding PET and to with sound absorption via lamination and hot baking as well as to with mechanical properties including tensile, burst and static puncture. Result shows that hot baking for 15 min makes the composite nonwoven along MD the highest strength, but un-hot-baking composite nonwoven has the excellent performance at burst and sound absorbing properties. Hot baking time not significantly affects LOI performance, but all samples reach the standard of fire retardant.


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