The Application of Broadband Remodeling Inversion in Saertu Oil Bed of the First Northeast Area

Shuxin Qiu, Chenfan Liu, Zhandong Li


There is a problem in forecasting thin sandstone in development with the earthquake in the area with dense well network. The research was done on Saertu oil bed in the first northeast area of Lamadian reservoir Make use of the fuzzy system as recovery of the low frequency of the wave impedance inversion, and use the parawave independence remodeling inversion as the compensation of the high frequency, the broadband remodeling inversion came true. The remodeling inversion result not only the thick sandstone more than 5 meters and the thin sandstone less than 2 metres could be recognized. As a result, sedimentary phase modified by well to seismic integration integration after the vertical contact and spatial distribution of sandstone accurately locating, provided the reliable analysis inference for the research of the remaining oil in the thin sandstone.

With the constant improvement of the degree of oilfield development,Daqing oilfield has entered the stage of high watercut stage mining of Changyuan,caused by factors such as reservoir heterogeneity in residual oil highly fragmented distribution, that is easy to develop the potential for residual oil in thick oil layer decreasing year by year,and more and more proportion of remaining oil in the oil sheet,remaining recoverable reserves of effective development more and more difficult,seriously affect the oilfield development,so looking for thin oil reservoir remaining oil problems aroused people's more and more attention. According to the company "build a new Changyuan oilfield geological understanding system, looking for determining further improve oil recovery potential" the instruction spirit, in 2006 decided to carry out full cover in Daqing Changyuan fine three dimensional seismic work development, further defined the fine development of Changyuan earthquake "315" project research goal in 2008. Completed in 2008 in Lamadian oil field 100km2 digital detection of Changyuan three-dimensional threecomponent seismic acquisition and Saertu 690km2 figure oilfield high density 3D seismic acquisition work, since then reveal the prelude of seismic reservoir development work. With the deepening of the reservoir prediction work, in thin reservoirs in Lamadian oilfield remaining oil research is becoming more and more attention.The writer use the north of the east area Saertu figure reservoir as the goal, to take advantage of high resolution seismic inversion method to carry out the thin sandstone reservoir inversion, objectively explained reservoir spatial distribution characteristics of dense well pattern.


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