The Research on the Impact of Network Negative Comments’ Remedial Measures on the Chinese Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Jinghuai She, Fan Guo, Shan Zhang, Xuedan Li


With the popularization of network technology and online shopping, the influence of internet word-of-mouth is gradually increased. When customers buy products online, they often like to post comments. In recent years, with the prospect theory and information availability and diagnosis theory are gradually recognized, network negative comments have got more and more attention. The study of Park & Lee (2009)[6] shows that compared with the positive comments, the negative comments have greater influence on consumers’ purchase intention. Negative comments are both crucial for customers and enterprises. For customers, they can easily get enough information about the shortage of goods or service by reading negative comments. For enterprises, the negative comments are inevitable and have great harm to their interests. Therefore, enterprises should take some measures to deal with them. This study is based on the theory of consumer behavior, psychology and related literatures. By using scenario simulative experiment and questionnaire, this study will explore the impact of different network negative comments on consumers’ purchase intention. This study will also explore the best remedial measures to deal with different types of negative comments which can mostly reduce the negative effects of negative comments and provide some scientific basis to enterprises.


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