Experimental Study of Seismic Wave Velocity Tomography

Jianlou Li, Buqing Li


As a branch of seismic exploration methods, the seismic wave velocity tomography has importance in the geologic body velocity distribution inversion and the abnormal geologic body identification. In the beginning of this paper, the observation system, the coefficient matrix, projection and back projection transformations of the seismic wave velocity tomography , and specific applications of the iterative method are introduced through a simple numerical model. Comparing of slowness inversion results before and after the iteration shows: The iterative method improves the accuracy of tomography. Then, the observation system layout, coefficient settings of the data collecting system, the data processing method and explanations of inversion results are described combining with two cases of ground exploration in practice. The result shows: Specific locations of explored objectives can be determined through direct ray continual iterative inversion of seismic wave velocity tomography technology.


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