Kinematic Modeling and Trajectory Tracking Control of a Wheeled Omni-directional Mobile Logistics Platform

Zhenqing Gao, Yuanxin Yang, Yanping Du, Yuan Zhang, Zhaohua Wang


At present, the production workshop generally has the following characteristics: not-standardized layout, Cramped space and more working environment changes, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), in logistic, has the limitation of movement flexibility and intelligence, and cannot meet the logistics requirements. In this paper, a circular omni-directional mobile logistics platform with zero turning radius is designed by the four mecanum wheels structure. First of all, we devise the Mobile structure. On the basis, using relevant mathematical knowledge, the kinematic model and dynamic model of the platform are designed. Then, define the trajectory tracking error equation, and choose backstepping method to realize the trajectory tracking control. Finally, we simulate the nonlinear system dynamics using simulink, the graphical matlab workpace. The omni-directional autonomous motion of the robot is realized. It is an effective attempt to improve the intelligent of the logistics system.


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