Cellular Glass Designing and Processing Technology for Cryogenic Insulation

Peigang Xin, Yanfang Zhang, Jian Tang, Fengyan Yang, Xiangmin Li


Cellular glass is applied as cryogenic insulation material in central process module of YAMAL LNG Plant. Cellular glass’ inherent characteristics such as hard, fragile and so on, bring much difficulty to prefabrication and processing and quality risk could be easily left because of processing defects. Based on the actual cryogenic insulation design and processing for YAMAL LNG Plant, this paper analyzed and researched processing technology of cellular glass for pipe and special-shaped pieces such as tee, elbow where insulation quality problem easily takes place, whilst to realize innovation in processing technology and ensure the insulation quality. These processing technology mentioned in this paper are based on the polar climate environment. Fact proved that the processing technology of cellular glass fully meet the requirements of the cryogenic insulation so that normal operation of liquefied natural gas processing plant can be effectively guaranteed.


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