Research of Parameters Influence on Shaping and Strength of ABS-steel Lap Joints by RSW

Changqing Zhang, Shaolong Jin, Lidong Yang, Guangming Lv, Xiongbo Liu


Dissimilar materials jointing is an increasingly important method to get lightweight construction in the development of nowadays manufacturing industry. In this article, ABS plastic and Q235 steel overlap jointing was achieved by means of RSW (Resistance Spot Welding). we studied the effects of the main process parameters, welding current, welding time and electrode force, on joint shaping and strength, and the result showed that in the range of 0.9kA~1.3kA, 4~6s, 0.1~0.4Mpa, elegant and strong lap joints were obtained. With the heat input getting higher, the effective lap area of joint become larger and the strength are improved, whereas the high input makes the welding joint shape worse and deformation in ABS get aggravating critically. Besides, Ultrasonic Assistance was used in experiment to aid welding process based on its high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, which made joints shaping better and improved tensile strength visibly contrast to joints with the same lower heat input parameters.


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