Crystallization Behavior of Poly(p-dioxanone-co-glycolide) Copolymers

Kai Xue, Qiu Hong Xia, Xin Chen, Jing Liu, Zhi Fan, Min Jie Guo


Poly(p-dioxanone-co-glycolide) (PDG) copolymers with high proportion of p-dioxanone (pDO) were synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of pDO and glycolide (GA) with stannous octoate-dodecanol as the initiator. The cooling crystallization and isothermal crystallization of PDG were studied by DSC and X-ray. The influence of copolymer composition on the crystallization behavior was discussed. With the increase of GA in the copolymer, the crystallinity of PDG was decreased firstly and then increased, but crystallization heat and crystallization speeds were weakened. The results provided guidance for determining copolymerization parameters and melt spinning of PDG.


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