A Simulation Based Parameter Study in the Stamping Process of an Automotive Member

Dong-Won Jung


This paper is concerned with the quantitative effect of design parameters on a stamped part of the auto body. The considered parameters in this paper are the blank holding force, the draw-bead force and the blank size which greatly affect the metal flow during stamping. The indicators of formability selected in this paper are failures such as tearing, wrinkling. The stamping process of the front side inner member is simulated using the finite element analysis changing the design parameters. The numerical results demonstrate that the blank holding force cannot control the metal flow during forming although it controls the overall metal flow. The modification of the initial blank size considering the punch opening line ensures the local wrinkling after forming. The restraining force of draw-bead controls the metal flow in the local area and reduces the amount of excess metal. It is noted that the parametric study of design parameters such as blank holding force, the blank size and the draw-bead are very important in the process design of the complicated member.


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