Adsorption of 4-Chlorophenol from Solution by Activated Carbon Prepared from Peanut Husk

Yanyan Hu, Yachen Rong, Shengjiao Li, Caixia Ji, Runping Han


It is essential to remove 4-chlorophenol (4-CP) from solution. In this research, the activated carbon (PAC) was prepared from peanut husk by (NH4)2HPO4 activation and its adsorption property toward 4-CP was presented. Several experimental factors like initial pH, common salts concentration, contact time, solution temperature were evaluated. Solution pH within 2-6 was in favor of adsorption and common salts had slight effect on adsorption quantity. The adsorption capacity was up to 89.4 mg g–1 and the process was exothermic. Langmuir model and Freundlich model were used to fit the adsorption equilibrium data and both can better predict the process. 4-CP-loaded PAC can be regenerated by 0.1 mol L–1 NaOH. It was concluded that PAC be good adsorbent to remove 4-CP from solution.


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