Physical Properties of Highly Strength Metal Composite Yarns and their Woven Fabrics

Jia-Horng Lin, Zhi-Cai Yu, Hua-Ling He, Qian-Hong Huang, Ching-Wen Lou


In this study, three types of highly strength PET/SS,PET/Cu, and PET/SS/Cu was produced by using the rotor twister machine with the wrapped numbers of 1200turns/m. Then, these metal composite yarns was woven into woven fabrics using the 250D PET yarns as the warp yarns and the metal composite yarns as the weft yarns. In addition, the breaking strength, puncture strength, tearing strength and electromagnetic shielding (EM) properties was test to assess the physical and EM properties. The results show that the fabricated woven fabrics having great strength and EM shielding values. However, the woven fabrics showed better strength in wrap than weft direction. Finally, we found that the strength property of PET/SS/Cu metal composite yarns was influenced by the strength property of the PET and SS. The largest strength could reach to 588N and the breaking elongation reach up to 9.7 %.


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