Carbon Fibre Reinforced Nano-HA/PA46 Ternary Biocomposite: Mechanical Properties and Cytocompatibility

Zhennan Deng, Dafeng Zhang, Jianfeng Ma


A novel ternary composite of carbon fiber, nano-hydroxyapatite and polyamide46 (CF/HA/PA46) was prepared by extrusion method. The mechanical properties were characterized and preliminary cell responses were investigated to explore the feasibility of load-bearing bone repair. The results showed that the bending strength and tensile strength were 159-222 MPa and 117-199 MPa, respectively, when the CF content was in the range of 5%-20%. The tensile modulus was 7.7-10.8 GPa. The MG-63 cells with an osteogenic phenotype were well adhered and spread on the CF/HA/PA46 surface. Compared to the HA/PA46 control, the addition of CF into HA/PA46 manifest improved the toughness and had little negative effects on MG-63 cells. The obtained ternary composite has potential as load-bearing bone repair.


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