Improved Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AZ31–Mg2Si in Situ Composite Fabricated by Cyclic Closed-die Forging

Wei Guo, De Wang, Yuan Fu, Qudong Wang, Li Zhang


AZ3111.6 wt.% Mg2Si in situ composite was fabricated by conventional casting method. Then cyclic closed-die forging (CCDF) were applied to severely deform the as-cast billets at 450 °C for one, three, and five passes. During multi-pass CCDF processing, both dendritic and eutectic Mg2Si particles are broken up into much smaller ones due to the shear stress inflicted by the matrix. With the increasing of CCDF passes number, finer grain size and more homogeneous distribution of Mg2Si phase are obtained along with notable improvement in both strength and ductility. AZ3111.6 wt.% Mg2Si composite presents tensile strength of 171 MPa and elongation of 2.6% after five CCDF passes as compared to initial 99 MPa and 1.0%.


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