Process Parameters Optimization for an Injection-Molded Plastic Wheel by Uniform Design of Experiment and Kriging Interpolation

Pang-Chieh Lin, Cheng-Kang Lee


This paper has presented a systematic optimization procedure which integrates uniform design of experiment, Kriging interpolation, compromise programming, and generalized reduced gradient nonlinear optimization to optimize the process parameters of an injection-molded plastic wheel which has two optimization objectives. Firstly, uniform design of experiment is applied to plan a set of experiments. Secondly, injection molding simulation software Moldflow is employed to analyze the maximum warpage and ejection time of each experiment. Thirdly, Kriging interpolation is used to create the surrogate model of maximum warpage and the surrogate model of ejection time. Fourthly, compromise programming (CP) is applied to integrate two objectives into one compromise objective. Finally, generalized reduced gradient (GRG) nonlinear optimization is applied to optimize the compromise objective. With the systematic procedure presented in this paper, maximum warpage and ejection time of the plastic wheel are improved by 7.7% and 11.91%, respectively.


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