Biochar – Ecological Product and Its Application in Environmental Protection

Gembalová Lucie, Klouda Karel, Jiří Rusín, Adrian Pryszcz, Marketa Weisheitelová


Biochar is a product of the pyrolysis of waste from the process of biomass fermentation. It is the case of a porous carbonaceous material with a compact hydrophobic core of predominantly aromatic structure, sheathed with a shell exhibiting hydrophilic and chemically active properties (surface groups: -OH, C=O, -COOH). One of properties usable in environmental protection is its adsorption ability toward heavy metals and organic pollutants (pesticides, PAHs, pharmaceutical products, industrial wastes). The contribution contains the description of preparation, surface analysis (SEM), identification of functional groups (FTIR) and proposal for possible surface modifications (sonification, oxidation, reduction, hydrothermal pyrolysis with graphene oxide, etc.) with a view to increase the sorption ability of biochar.


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