Effects of Mo, V and Ti on Microstructure, Mechanical Property and Precipitation Characteristic of HSLA Steel Sheets

Weimin Guo, Chengbao Liu, Na Xu, Ning Ding, Junbo Shi


Hot rolled HSLA (High strength low alloy) steels with two compositions were investigated by means of microstructure and mechanical property analysis. Thermal mechanical controlling process (TMCP) technology was applied for required microstructure and mechanical property. Effects of micro-alloying elements such as Mo, V and Ti on the microstructure and mechanical property of the experimental steels were analyzed. Results indicate that: Micro-alloying elements such as Mo, V and Ti can significantly strengthen the experimental steel by solid solution hardening, precipitation hardening and grain refinement; H1 steel which contains more Mo, V & Ti than H2 steel presents much higher strength and better formability than H2.


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