A Comparison between English and Chinese Taboo Language



With the increasing communication between people, many taboo language problems emerge. Although a lot of Chinese scholars studied many aspects about English and Chinese taboos, there remains some margins: 1) the studies on English and Chinese taboo language mostly focus on a few of similar topics; 2) the research method is relatively simple; 3) Taboos are changing continually with time, the contrastive study of taboos between English and Chinese taboo language also needs further exploration. This paper mainly employs the method of comparative analysis to study English and Chinese taboos. After reviewing the basis of domestic and foreign literature on taboo words, and searching for internet resources, materials from TV programs and surveys to collect relevant language corpus, the author makes a systematic comparison between English and Chinese Taboos so as to handle properly the taboo words and facilitate the further understanding of taboos. In the final part, the author gives some suggestions on how to handle taboos of English and Chinese properly, which is helpful in promoting language learning and cross-cultural communication


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