The Influence of Consumer-Based E-business Brand Equity on Websites

Jing MA


Brand Equity has caused more attention with the development of consumers’ web shopping. This study explored the cause-and-effect between consumer-based E-business brand equity and websites outcomes, and it found that consumer-based E-business brand equity was the predecessor of websites outcomes. Based on literature review and in-depth interviews, a research model was developed. The model can be used to evaluate native E-business brand equity from both consumers’ perspective and market perspective. The former was composed of five dimensions including loyalty, perceived quality, customer experience, trust and awareness, and a mechanism was formed to explain the relationship between them. The latter included click-through rate, stickness and revisiting rate. We appoint two websites to check it. In conclusion, The research provided a useful and practical model for further study on E-business brand equity


Consumer-based e-business brand equity, Web-market outcomes, Five dimensions

Publication Date

2016-12-02 00:00:00


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