The Paradox of “Natural Selection”—The Lord of Flies



From the perspectives of humanity, ethics and ecology, an analysis is made in terms of the text, theme, and moral of the novel The Lord of Flies. It is argued that the dual confrontation between the good and the evil, and that between civilization and brutality contains a profound thesis that the evil of the humanity is the very source of its own destruction. Meanwhile, “Natural Selection” is not the whole of the natural and human history. One cannot abuse the natural resources regardless the interests of others, ignoring the natural laws. Human beings’ fighting each other, resorting to war will greatly accelerate the process of their destruction. The novel is mirroring the real world of the time and predicting the future. As a responsible writer, Golding puts forward his alert: our environment and the survival of mankind are seriously threatened.


Paradox, Natural Selection, Ecology, DestroyText


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