Research on Assessment System of Production-Education Combined Enterprises



The determination and assessment of production-education combined enterprises is not only an encouragement and restriction for enterprises, but also an important creative action to advance production-education combination. Enterprise is assessed because the implementation of production-education combination is the obligations entrusted to them by the society, and in the process, it is in the subjective position and can perform a critical function. The determination and assessment of production-education combined enterprises emphasizes on examining the situation of enterprises in fulfilling their educational duties, forming a "dual-subject" cooperative education mechanism with schools, the function they perform and so on. Vertically, it can be cut into three aspects: resource conformity, running system and effects. To assess an enterprise, local government must be the subject of assessment, and the object of assessment should be the enterprise in the ripe stage. While the enterprise fulfills its obligations, the government should endow it with its due rights and benefits. Only in this way can the substantial results be achieved


Production-Education Combination, Enterprise, Assessment System.Text


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