Knowledge Map Analysis of CBR-Based on CiteSpace



CBR is an important branch in the field of artificial intelligence, which is a case-based reasoning system. Rational use of CBR can effectively solve problems such as emergency decision-making, disaster management, medical diagnosis, etc., so the research on CBR has important significance. To show CBR research focus problem and digging a new research direction at the same time, CBR related literatures were analyzed by CiteSpace V software. Finally, we get the information of co-occurrence of research institutions, co-citation of authors, and co-occurrence network of key words. The results show that :1. The institutions with the highest number of published articles are all universities; 2. The articles of Zhiwei Ni, Jianyang Li and Huiting Liu are cited more frequently; 3. The top high-frequency keywords are case-based reasoning, fault diagnosis, expert system, case retrieval, rule reasoning, etc., which are research hotspots


CBR, Knowledge Mapping, CiteSpace, Research HotspotsText


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