Study on the Green Management Problems of the Chaidamu Circular Economy Experimental Zone’s Enterprises and Its Countermeasures



Since the reform and opening up, China's secondary industry has accelerated its development. The emergence of high energy consumption will inevitably lead to high pollution and high emissions, which will endanger China's ecological environment. For enterprises in the Chaidamu circular economy pilot zone, industrial development relying on resource enrichment in the experimental area is one of the main paths for rapid expansion, which makes the ecological environment of the experimental area more sensitive and the ecosystem more vulnerable. Nowadays, the ecological environment of the test area has been unable to withstand such rapid environmental degradation. How to solve the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection, achieve rapid and good development is a prominent problem facing the development of enterprises in the experimental area. Green management of enterprises is the best choice to solve this problem. This paper first introduces the general situation of Golmud, Delingha, Wulan and Dachaidan circular economy industrial park enterprises, and analyzes the main problems of green management in the experimental area. The employees have weak green awareness, low input cost of scientific and technological innovation, and follow-up treatment of waste. Incomplete and low ecological risk identification, it proposes to strengthen the talents of circular economy, enhance the management of technological innovation, accelerate the construction of enterprise ring system and enhance employees' ecological risk awareness


Chaidamu Circular Economy Experimental Area, Park ManagementText


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