Competitiveness Evaluation and Characteristic Analysis of Regional Logistics and Economic Development



This article uses Baidu online map to obtain the search volume of each region's logistics, based on this, the development volume of regional logistics is formed, by comparing the development volume, regional GDP and the number of personnel in the logistics industry with the national total, the results show that the development rate among the three is basically kept at the same level, the regional logistics and economic coordination develop synchronously and have a positive mutual development trend. Secondly, the indicator system is constructed with two dimensions of logistics and economy, the entropy method is adapted to calculate the weight of each indicator, solve the score of logistics and economy in each region, which is used to draw the distribution map of regional logistics and economic dispersion points. Finally, the characteristics of regional logistics and economic development are analyzed by scatter plot. The results show that the eastern coastal areas have the prominent advantages of convenient import and export transportation conditions, high level of scientific and technological development, strong concentration of resources allocated by multi-industry cooperation, so the level of logistics and economic development is high. The central region has advantages in the development of characteristic industries and has different development opportunities, so the logistics and economic development are stable. The overall progress of the western region is not fast, the development of industrial transformation is slow and the ability to attract external investment is poor, so the comprehensive competitiveness is relatively weak.


Regional Logistics, Regional Economy, Entropy Method, Feature Analysis.Text


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