Study on Deterrence of Accountability System Affecting Safety Production in Construction Industry



In recent years, China's construction engineering has witnessed a large number of major safety accidents, which caused the largest number of deaths among all types of accidents in China, resulting in heavy casualties, great social losses, and a wound that is difficult to heal. In this paper, through the establishment of production safety accountability system for building industry professionals deterrent effect analysis model, to explore the current production safety laws and regulations, for all kinds of building project construction management concept of security and safety behavior of deterrence mechanisms, so as to put forward the effective countermeasures of strengthening the safety management in construction projects, and for the next stage based on the research on large-scale questionnaire prepared to theory. This paper systematically summarizes the accountability requirements of existing laws and regulations on production safety, puts forward the concept of accountability deterrent, and develops the corresponding measurement scale, which is of reference value for strengthening safety risk management of construction projects


Administrative Accountability, Deterrence, Building Engineering.Text


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