A Study on the Influence of Tourism Development on Scenic Environment in Xinyang Jigong Mountain



With the rapid development of tourism, more and more scenic spots begin to expand, and the area is gradually extending. In recent years, the economic income brought by tourism has gradually exceeded that of other industries, and gradually transformed into a major force in economic development with unlimited potential. However, in the development of tourism the entry of tourists has caused certain damage to the tourist resources of scenic spots making the ecological environment out of balance so that the quality of the ecological environment is gradually declining. In order to study the impact of tourism development on the environment of the scenic spots, this paper takes Jigong Mountain in Xinyang as an example to study the ecological environment of the scenic spots and designs a questionnaire about the ecological environment of Jigong Mountain. This paper analyzes the main environmental problems existing in Jigong Mountain of Xinyang City from the basic ecological environment conditions, including garbage pollution, super-scale reception of tourists, water pollution, sharp decline of animals and plants and air pollution to finally propose reasonable solutions from the government, travel agencies and tourists on the ecological environment problems in the scenic spots


Jigong Mountain, Tourism Development, Ecological Environment, Influence StudyText


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