A Summary of the Analysis of the Living Conditions of “Empty Nest Youth” under the Theory of Temperament



With the continuous development and progress of the society, China's cities such as BeiShang GuangShen etc. hold the vast majority of funds and technology in one region and even China, which makes the employment groups of other cities flood into these first- and second-tier cities. It means that the team of "empty nest youth" (Hereinafter referred to as "ENY") is getting bigger. In the fierce social competition environment, "ENY" will inevitably face many psychological and physiological challenges. The basic characteristics of "ENY" are high level of cultural education, strong independent ideas and self-esteem and self-confidence. The formation of this special youth group is not only for social and family reasons, but also for individual reasons. By comparing the "ENY" with other "emerging youth groups" and ordinary urban youth to analyze the differences in their living conditions, it is concluded that the overall difference is not significant, but we may ignore that under the different temperament theory the living conditions of "ENY" are different. This review will discuss the "ENY" of different temperament types to understand their living conditions, and propose countermeasures to help them through the "empty nest" period.


Empty Nest Youth, Temperament Theory, Living Conditions, CountermeasuresText


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