Research on the Influence Factors and Function Mechanism of Symbiosis of Industry-city Integration in Pan-county Areas



Industry-city integration has developed rapidly in large cities or new urban areas, but industry-city integration in pan-county areas has lagged behind. In order to better solve the problem of industry-city integration in pan-county areas, it is necessary to clarify the relevant influence factors and function mechanisms that affect industry-city integration in the pan-county areas. Through literature research, the main factors influencing the symbiosis of industry-city integration in pan-county areas are combed with factors such as common resource, symbiosis development, inter-county park, circular park, ecological symbiosis community, and demonstration area of industry-city integration. These factors play important roles in the symbiosis of industry-city integration, and form a systemic and modular mechanism for the symbiosis development of the industry-city integration in pan-county areas. Through symbiosis development of common resources in pan-county areas, creates cross-county industrial parks embodying predominant resources of the county, and builds them into circular industrial parks and ecological symbiosis districts with high standards, eventually forms wise industry-city integration symbiosis area for symbiosis development of industries, ecology, populations, cities, and the Internet. So, to improve the symbiosis level of industry-city integration in pan-county areas, it is necessary for these factors to play comprehensive roles.


County, Symbiosis of Industry-city Integration, Influence Factors, Function Mechanism.Text


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