The Development Trend and Strategy of the Education Marketization in Private Colleges and Universities in China



With the rapid development of market economy and knowledge economy, the market transformation of higher education has become the basic direction of the development of private higher education. The so-called marketization of private higher education is the organic integration of education and the market, the introduction of a market mechanism into education management, the effective distribution of educational resources, and the provision of differentiated services according to market demands. And then improve the market competitiveness. In China, the marketization development of private higher education shows strong regional characteristics, that is, the top-down policy promotion by the government and the limited marketization under the government control and management, as follows: The government should deregulate, expand the autonomy of colleges and universities, introduce market competition mechanism, promote the development of private and private higher education, and broaden the investment channels of private higher education. The monitoring power of the country in the marketization of colleges and universities in our country is still strong, as follows: "big country, small market" is the main characteristic of marketization of private higher education in our country, competition policy lacks fairness; Governance or the "market", still need to find a balance.


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