A Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom to Management Science in Applied University

Xiao-Yan HUANG, Ji-Fu LU


Application-oriented colleges aim at cultivating students 'practical ability to apply knowledge. Teaching mode is the key factor that affects the quality of teaching, and it is a powerful guarantee to achieve the goal of training talents. Flip classes have brought new teaching ideas to the curriculum reform of applied colleges and universities, and they have been sought after more and more in recent years. This model subverted the position of the two sides of the traditional teaching model teaching, and adopted heuristic, inquisitive, participatory, deliberative, cooperative and other teaching methods, which activated the classroom atmosphere, improved students 'enthusiasm for learning, and enhanced interest. Based on the characteristics of the course, the author constructs the teaching mode of "Management" course of the applied colleges and universities, and analyzes the practical results and key points of the model. In order to bring positive reference meaning to the transformation of applied colleges and universities and the reform of teaching and the realization of talents training goals.


Flip class; Teaching model; Applied colleges and universities; Practical research.


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