A Correlation Study on Achievements of CSL Courses and HSK

Hong-Jian XU


To investigate the correlation between CSL learning performance and HSK score, this paper makes correlation analysis on the results of the final HSK Level 4 examination and other course results at the end of the semester for 30 junior foreign students from The College of Advanced Chinese Training of Beijing Language and Culture University who took HSK courses. The results show that HSK scores are related to comprehensive classes, listening, reading and writing scores above medium level. The degree of correlation from large to small is listening, reading and writing and comprehensive classes. The course results of the three courses are all related to HSK results, which shows that the training of students' Chinese listening, reading and writing ability in the course teaching is also reflected in the examination ability of HSK. From the above analysis, it can be seen that for Chinese students who need to apply for HSK, it is necessary to strengthen the training and cultivation of HSK examination skills in curriculum teaching, especially as a comprehensive course with the largest number of hours.


HSK; Course learning performance; CSL; Correlation.


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