Analysis and Proposal on the Status of Chinese Reading in Malaysia —Taking Miri Peimin Middle School as an Example

Wei GUO, Wen-Yan ZHANG, Jian-She ZHOU, Lu-Ni MA


Reading ability is the foundation of an individual’s learning ability. It plays a vital role in the overall development of people. As one of the key Chinese language schools in Malaysia, the Chinese reading ability of the Miri Peimin Middle School's students can fully represent the current situation of Chinese reading ability in Malaysian Chinese students. We take it as the research object, and give the relevant research data of Malaysian Chinese students’ reading situation, then analysis the data. The lack of reading ability of Malaysian Chinese students is closely related to Malaysian national policies, the school management and family education. At the end, we put forward the proposal of how to improve Malaysian Chinese students' reading ability purposefully and efficiently.


Malaysia; Computer aided reading; Chinese education; Reading status; Reading ability.


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